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Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands and, for 5 years now, also found in Wageningen!

The Wageningen Warriors is a growing sports association in Wageningen, but also within the national lacrosse scene.

We practice twice a week and, during the season, we have a game most weeks. Next to that we like to drink and eat together and enjoy nice activities every period!

The Wageningen Warriors has 4 teams: one team for the men and three teams for the ladies

The reason for having such a great team spirit and team bonding is that everyone is new within Lacrosse. In the Netherlands it is only played at the University, so even though there are differences in levels, the teams are very interwoven. Everyone within lacrosse knows what it is like to be new, so you will feel very supported from the start. Do you feel like you want to be involved in a super fast, active and most of all very engaging sport. Please join us!


Bornsesteeg 2

6708 PE Wageningen


Tuesday: 18:45 - 20.30

Thursday: 17.30 - 19.00

                   18.45 - 20.30


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