Finals 2024

The finals weekend takes place at Sports Centre de Bongerd. The address is Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE Wageningen.

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On Saturday, there will be a youth clinic organised by Spire Academy, featuring PLL player Nakeie Montgomery and JD Harkey. Visit their website for more information.  
On Sunday, they are hosting a clinic for adult players. It is not necessary to sign up for this clinic. 

Nakeie and JD recorded this video where they introduce themselves:

The games will be played on three different fields: Field 1 is a artificial football field, field 2 is a grass field and field 3 is a hockey field. We will soon upload the complete schedule so you will be able to see on which field you will be playing. However, we recommend everyone to bring shoes that are suitable for all types of fields. 

Field 4 is a korfball field that can be used by teams that are warming up. 

Also on Saturday, Northern Soul will be present! You can buy items or pick up your pre-ordered gear. The NS stand is indicated on the map.

On Saturday evening, we are hosting a barbecue for the players. For more information, see the sign up sheet. The barbecue will be held at walking distance from the sports fields. 

During the entire weekend, sports pub De Bongerd will be opened for drinks and snacks.


The finals weekend is always the perfect opportunity to watch lacrosse at its best.

– Regular Warrior

They always say that we will be demoted, but we will NOT be demoted. And everyone who said that we lost last year is lying.

– Regular Ladies 1 Warrior

Ladies one will definitely get demoted this year.

– Regular Men 1 Warrior