The Wageningen Warriors are always having fun playing lacrosse, but did you know that there are ways to do something more for our amazing association? Join a committee! There is a committee for everyone, so you don’t have to be a long-time lacrosse player to join one. If you’re interested in any of the following, please send an e-mail to the board.



Games, beers and loads of fun, that is what the Laxie stands for! Besides training and gamedays the association also organizes other activities. Every academic period the Laxie organizes a fun activity for the Warriors. During these activities you will get to know the people from the other teams and have a fun evening.

Once a year we organize the Warrior weekend. This weekend is filled with games, workshops, parties, but most of all lots of gezelligheid. So, we hope to see you soon at one of the Laxie activities! 



The IntroCie helps get us new members for the association. Throughout the year, they make sure that the Wageningen Warriors are visible for everyone on campus, for example by organizing open practices. They also organize everything that needs to be done for the summer and winter AID.



The tournament comittee, a.k.a. the ReTourCie, is the sportiest committee of the Wageningen Warriors. Famous for the "renowned ReTourCie trophy". We organize lacrosse tournaments and other sport tournaments for Warriors, like SinterKerst Tournament, Easter Tournament, Volleyball Tournament and Beerpong Tournament.



The Clinics Committee (or CliniCie) is a committee that coordinates the clinics given by the Wageningen Warriors. We provide clinics for all sort of organisations, such as student associations and schools. If you are interested, take a look at our clinics page or send an e-mail via this link! 



A website is an important part of communicating to the outside world how cool our association is. For a long time updating the website was a task for our board, but in 2021 we decided that the site could have an extensive update and so the WebCie was created. This cool committee makes sure the website works, looks good, stays up to date, and provides the information potential and current members need. As you can see, this committee is a great succes!


Hey everyone, we are the materials committee also known as the MatCo, the most important committee in the association. As without materials we can't play lacrosse. We are responsible for maintaining, keeping track of and ordering all the materials for the association. This also means that we are responsible for handing out the rental contracts to members (so if you have club materials, but haven't signed a rental form, please contact one of us) and cleaning up the storage lockers when they inevitably get all messy again. 


The MediaCie is the committee that is involved in everything that has to do with social media. We post regularly on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, to show cool action shots of matches or the fun activities the Warriors get up to! We take pictures to remember all the amazing things that happen in our association.



The E-Merchencie supplies us with the coolest and most usefull Warrior merch. Ranging from beerpulls to warm sweaters, they create it all!

Trainercie women

The ladies trainers committee consists of two head trainers from each team. They make the training schedules for the teams every period and make sure there are enough trainers. The trainers committee also arranges external trainers and makes sure the selection practices run smoothly. 

Trainercie men

The men's trainers committee organizes the practices for the men's team. Besides coming up with, and giving the practices, the committee also works on longer- term plans for the practices in order to increase the level of play of the team.