Theme Announcement - Nov. 1st

We are exited to announce the theme of the second lustrum! It will take place on the 1st of November at 21:00 in B0213 Forum. Don't forget to bring a linnen bag so that it can be customized. For the people who are not able to be there we will set up a teams meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Midwinter Fest - Dec. 11th

The day after the opening party, on the 11th of December, there will be a Midwinter Fest. We will have a cozy afternoon around the campfire, playing games, eating food, and hanging out with your fellow Warriors. This is part of the opening weekend, so be there or be square! Also, do not forget to bring a cup, bowl, plate and cutlery :)

We expect to see you there from 13.00 till 17.00

See you there!

New Years Dive - Jan. 9th

It might be super cold, but it is also super fun! So join us from 11:45 onwards on the 9th of January for a refreshing dive into the new year! Don't forget to bring your swimming suit, a towel, warm and dry clothes, a cup for some warm drinks and some good new years resolutions :)

We hope to expect you to be at the Bongerd Swimming Pool at 11:45,so we can start at 12:00. If your break is later, you can join later in the break as well. We will stop in time for the afternoon courses, but you can leave whenever you want. 

Opening Party - Dec. 10th

The second activity is a really great opening party! This will take place on Saturday, December 10, in the evening. The location for this event is the Woeste Hoeve and the doors will be opened at 21.00 till 03.00. More information about the theme of this activity will follow shortly. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Hardy's 10th Birthday - Dec. 12th

The 12th of December, Hardy's official birthday! On this day we are celebrating the 10th birthday of the Wageningen Warriors. The only place we can properly do this is, of course, at the Bongerd! We will expect you there at 19.30, please bring a cup, plate and fork.

We can't wait to see you there! 

Murder Mystery - Jan. 19th

We all have those moments were our teammates are so extremely annoying that we just want to end them. On this date one of our members has finally snapped, find out who this is during the Murder Mystery. Our investigation will take place on the 19th of January

We will start at 20:30 at Forum 3th Floor
(rooms B0313, B0314, B0317 & B0318)

Do not forget to bring your own cup for some horrific delicious drinks! 

Easter Beer Batlle - April 5th

Because we see that a lot of you are working hard, we decided to feed you, like you are wide open on the Crease. Take a much needed brake to enjoy a lunch with our members! Please do bring your own cup, plate and cutlery!

Study Lunch - March 13th

A lacrosse lustrum will not be complete without lacrosse, so we will be organizing a tournament at the Radboud Sports Centre, Nijmegen. Be there or be square, cause you will not be around. Anyway bring your lacrosse gear and winners mentality and lets play some lacrosse!

The general schedule for now is as follows: games on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April, with dinner, overnight stay and a party on the evening from Friday to Saturday. The game form will depend on the amount of players to register and might not be the same for Friday and Saturday. So don't forget to fill in the interest form. 

Check your social media and this page for updates. 

Tournament -  April 7th and 8th

It was a lot of work for Hardy to dress up as the Easter Bunny, the metal plates got in the way of the furry suit and finding the right size was a hassle. In the end Hardy succeeded in Evolving into the Easter Bunny and took the whole morning to hide eggs all over campus for you to hunt them!

Now it is up to you to find all of them, who will find the most Remember to use your soft hands to catch the "eggs". 

We will start at the beginning of the evening (18:30)

Prom - May 12th

The 12th of May the long awaited and highly anticipated prom will take place. Dress in your most fancy outfit and join us for an evening of joy and celebration from 21.00 till 03.00. However no central dinner is arranged, it is going to be very prominent!

The prom will take place in Grandcafe Loburg!

Family Day - June 4th

Our association is too good to keep to ourselves, so prepare your family to them the amazingness of the Wageningen Warriors. If you disguise your friends as your parents than you can bring them to the event too, just make sure that you bring a maximum of 4 people with you!

Please do not forget to bring cups for you and your guests and your own lacrosse gear!

More information about this activity will be revealed later so keep your eye on Instagram, Whatsapp and this amazing website. 

Location TBD

Alumni Day -  April 15 th

We have a lot of really great people in our association at the moment, but we also had a lot of really great people during our previous years. On the 15th of April, 13:30 we celebrate our old members on the Alumni Day in the Bongerd. So welcome back old Warriors! 

Don't forget to bring your lacrosse gear and a cup. If you don't have lacrosse gear anymore you can borrow it from us :)

The Alumni Day will start at 13:00 with a walk-in and catching up with each other. At around 13:30 we will start the practice session. Around 16:30 there is time for some more fun and a drink if you want!
Afterwards there is a possibility to go have dinner at H41 at 18:30!

Brakke Brunch - May 13th

After the celebrations that took place during the prom we are expecting a lot of tired and "brakke" people, so to make your miserable day a little easier, we are making sure that you can get some good food. Join us for a "Brakke Brunch" at 11.30 to get some more energy or to continue the party of the previous evening with the amazing food!

A form asking for your food specifications and allergies will be send out before the event so don't forget to fill it out! Also please bring your own cup, plate and cutlery :)

This will take place on the 13th of May and the exact time and location will be revealed at a later date. 

Warrior Weekend - 16 till 18 June

To be honest, we don't know all the insides about this weekend yet, besides that is going to be awesome! We just know that it will be a lot of fun for all of you! It is possible to visit one day as well. So when the time comes, join the Warrior Weekend and we will see you there.

All further information to be determined.