Lacrosse is a fast, tactical and technical sport descending from Native Americans which is also called "The fastest sport on two feet"​. The sport has been formed into a combination of more familiar sports such as rugby, (ice) hockey and American football, making it easy for many people to tackle. There are ten players per team (men's lacrosse), ten players (women's lacrosse) or six players (box lacrosse).

The game

All players have a stick, the 'crosse'​, with a net at the end with which a ball is passed around. This ball is made of hard rubber and has the size of a hockey ball. The aim of the game is the same for all versions of lacrosse: getting the ball into the goal of the opponent with the aid of the stick. Each goal yields one point. Depending on the type of lacrosse (men, women or box), different rules apply. The game is played on grass or artificial turf the size of a soccer field. This is quite big, but the goals are also in the field and it is allowed to pass the goal from behind just like ice hockey. Because there are hardly any official lacrosse fields, Dutch lacrosse is mainly played on football and hockey fields.


source: Nederland Lacrosse


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