The Wageningen Warriors are always having fun playing lacrosse, but did you know that there are ways to do something more for our amazing association? Join a committee! There is a committee for everyone, so you don’t have to be a long-time lacrosse player to join one. If you’re interested in any of the following, please send an e-mail to the Board



The Laxie is the activity committee of the association. They organize fun activities for all Warriors on every second Thursday of the period. The activities vary, ranging from Irish dancing to playing typical Dutch games and everything in between. In period 6, they organize the annual Warrior Weekend at a surprise location. Beforehand, the activities are also kept secret, but having fun and drinking a lot of beer is guaranteed. 




The MediaCie keeps track of all of the different Wageningen Warrior social media accounts. You can find our accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and our mascot on Snapchat. The MediaCie posts about the games and other activities that take place. 




The Matco is responsible for the Wageningen Warriors materials. We have different lockers where we keep our stuff, and the MatCo is the one keeping it all organized. They ensure that we keep our inventory up to date, by letting the board know what new materials are needed. Without them, our lockers would be chaos!


The IntroCie helps get us new members for the association. Throughout the year, they make sure that the Wageningen Warriors are visible for everyone on campus, for example by organizing open practices. They also organize everything that needs to be done for the summer and winter AID.




Last year, we held our first tournament in honor of our first lustrum. Everyone thought it was great fun, which is why there will be a new committee: the TournamentCie! It will be up to the TournamentCie to organize lacrosse tournaments in Wageningen. So, if you like organizing tournaments, sign up for our newest committee! 




Clinics Committee: 

The Clinics Committee is a new committee that coordinates the clinics given by the Wageningen Warriors. For more information on the clinics, please see our clinics page or use this. 



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