The club of 50

The club of 50

The Wageningen Warriors couldn’t be what we are without sponsors. The club of 50 are the people that donate 50 euros to our association. These people can be anyone. For example, old warriors, parents, and every other people who wants to donate money to the association. In return for this, once every half a year they receive a special news letter to keep track on what the Warriors are doing. In this news letter (Hardy’s Journal) we tell them about the games, the board changes and the fun activities that all the warriors are doing. We plan to use the money of the club of 50 with a purpose, for example setting up youth lacrosse or our own club house.

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Bornsesteeg 2

6708 PE Wageningen


Tuesday: 18:45 - 20.30

Thursday: 17.30 - 19.00

                   18.45 - 20.30